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313HIV Marion

313HIV - Areas 3 and 13


DOH Marion:  352-629-0137 ext 2153 or 2032 or 2076

Business Responds to AIDS Partners 

The business partners that have signed on to fight the AIDS epidemic are listed below. They have information and condoms available.

Business Contact Address City Phone
Big Wheels Country Kitchen Willie Thompson 1224 W Silver Springs Blvd Ocala 352.694.1478
K and S Seafood Willie Thompson 1224 W Silver Springs Blvd Ocala 352.867.1477
Cafe Havana   923 N Magnolia Ave, Suite 300 Ocala 352.351.4853
Uncle El's Seafood Mary Washington 2008 W Silver Springs Blvd Ocala 352.622.4245
Essence of Beauty Gwen Crosky 170 SW 20th Ave Ocala 352.732.0508
Magnolia Coin Laundry Orlando 923 North Magnolia Ave Ocala 352.433.2221
Fashion Cuts2 Adrian Jones 2103 N. Magnolia Ocala 352-207-0793
J and T McCullough's Salon Tanya McCullough 1675 NW Silver Springs Blvd Ocala 352.351.0333
Beyond the Wall Outreach Laressa Scott 1515 NE 22nd Ave Ocala 352.789.6565
Fashion Cuts Herman Jones 837 NW Martin Luther King Ave Ocala 352.671.5387
Mary's Dry Cleaners Mary Washington 2004 W Silver Springs Blvd Ocala 352.351.4248